French Bulldogs

Short and Sturdy French Bulldogs

French bulldog is a muscular and short heighted dog breed. The origination of bulldogs is from the land of the English. They are cute and appear like pugs due to their flat nose. You will love them for their compact size following a great appearance. These pets are quite sensitive to extreme temperatures and you should avoid getting them if you have extreme conditions prevailing in your country.

French bulldogs have different physical appearance than the English ones. They have non-cropped tail and smooth skin with a big head. The eyes are wide and very expressive. You will love these creatures for the cuteness in their looks. They have a kind of bat-like ears with broad base and rounded upper side. They are alert dogs with amazing level of curiosity. The weight of these dogs varies from 18-30 pounds. They are available in many colors and patterns, but the basic color is fawn or beige with pale skin tone.

French bulldogs are very playful, but at the same time, these are quite alert about the security of their masters. They enjoy playing for many hours and remain happy even without any company. You can bring toys for them to play and they will strongly bond with you, if you have genuinely good feelings for them. They are good with children, but enjoy more in the company of mature kids than infants. These pets are ideal for outdoor enjoyment also.

You need to get information about these dogs before making them a part of your family. You should seek the help of a reputed breeder to ensure good quality of the dog. These dogs have supreme personality and you can get to know about them even when they are small puppies. Your love and training can give them a chance to learn a lot from you and they will become a perfect companion for your family members.