French Bulldogs
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French Bulldogs
French Bulldogs are Amazing Creatures

French Bulldogs are tough looking dogs having a great craze among people for the reason of their affection for the masters. They are descendents of the English bulldogs and were mixed breed of French and English dogs. However, this is the matter of 19th century and nowadays; French Bulldogs are original in their own sense. French bulldog can have small or medium size and the appearance is not like the English bulldog version. The skin color is beige, off-white, mouse color, black or even grey tone. They have broad shoulders, thicker neck and well-formed muscles.

The personality of French bulldogs is quite impressive and they are full of energy. You will love them as amazing family pets as they create a nice bonding with their master. They are faithful dogs having an urge to spend time with you. You don’t have to worry much about their exercising, but it would be good if you have a few minutes in the day to take them out. In some cases, these dogs get aggressive and behave indifferently; but it happens only if the family master is unable to give them proper time and attention or behaves badly with the dog. 

French Bulldogs can’t adjust with other pets during adulthood, but it is observed that these dogs can make up with other pets only when they are being introduced to them during the childhood stage. These dogs are highly intelligent and you will love training them because they respond too quickly to your actions. French Bulldogs have the probability of getting breathing issues on excessive physical activities, extreme temperatures or high aggression. You have to care for them to keep them in the correct temperatures. Overall, your experience with French bulldogs would be a great one and you will love their company. Make sure that you don’t over feed them as these creatures get obese very soon and it might create health issues for them.