French Bulldogs

Facts about French Bulldogs

French bulldog breeding is become very common due to their increasing trend among people. You need to research fully before buying these dogs. You can make the right decision to choose the most appropriate dog by knowing about French bulldogs in detail.
French bulldogs were originally bred in France with the English bulldogs. These were considered to be best companions for people with sturdy body, pug nose and straight tail. They have big heads and huge ears with wrinkled skin. They appear cute and very attractive. Newborn French bulldogs require intensive care and after they become matured, they will behave according to the training given to them. They are sweet varieties of dogs having admirable nature. You will find them playful, but they can get aggressive if provoked.

French bulldogs have a grin on their face, which makes them look like a wrinkled clown. They have big faces with square shape and huge ears. They can safeguard the people who really need their love. You can cuddle them and pamper them in your own way and they will respond in the best possible way to give you a feeling of warmth. These companions are energetic and affectionate. However, they can’t swim in a right way due to their body structure. You can make them a cherished family dog and they will behave in the best way to make you feel good. French bulldogs are marvelous companions and remain social as a good family member.
You have to take care of the extreme temperatures for bulldogs as they don’t go well in excessive heat or cold temperatures. Your dog can become sick, if they are left over in car or warm house. There is no physical exercising required for them, but appropriate food habits will make them fit. Otherwise, there are chances for the dogs to catch up obesity.